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Interior Architectural Signage

   Sign System          HID Radius Profile

   ADA Compliant        Classic Curved Appeal
   Availability         The innovative design of our HID frame extrusion allows for
   Changeable Paper     the choice of either a flat or radius profile signage. Like our
   Insert               flat profile signs, the HID radius profile signs are available
                        in wall mount, projection mount, ceiling suspension mount
   Accepts up to 1/16"   and free standing versions.
   material with micro
   dot panel            Both of our HID flat and radius can be made ADA
                        compliant with the addition of tactile copy and Grade
   Landscape and        2 Braille. They also can be adorned with a number of
   Portrait Orientation  accessories such as dividers strips, acrylic accents,
                        custom sliders and much more. See page 18-19 for details.
   Extruded Alloy
   Aluminum Frame

   Maximum End Cap
   Width = 16"
   5 Year Warranty

                        a.                                                                b.

   a. ADA Compliant
   Room ID with Divider
   b. R Directory with
   c. R. Directional with

   d. ADA Compliant
   Stairwell Signage
   e. ADA Compliant
   Room I.D. with Divider                                      d.

                                                               Ideal Applications:
                                                               Directional Signage
                                                               Directory Listing Signage
                                                               Room Identification Signage
     800.458.0591                                      Regulatory Signage
                                                               See more signage applications on pages 108 — 125
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