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Interior Architectural Signage
          HID Projection Mount

          Get Your Sign Message Seen
          Our HID projection mount signage system is perfect for
          messages needing to be seen from afar. Easily read from
          down hallways and corridors, these projection mount signs
          are perfect for wayfinding and identification applications.                                                   HID PROJECTION WALL MOUNT
          As with the other HID signage systems, our projection
          mount signs can be customized to complement any
          building’s interior environment by customizing the paper
          inserts and end cap colors, in addition to adding custom                                                        interior interior
          accents.                                             d.
          HID paper insert projection mount signs prominently display
          wayfinding messages while adding aesthetic value to interior



                                                               Ideal Applications:
                                                               Directional Signage
                                                               Room Identification Signage
                                                               Regulatory Signage

                                                               See more signage applications on pages 108 — 125

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