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Interior Architectural Signage
          HID System Fundamentals

                                                               Increase The Clarity of Wayfinding
                                                               The timeless design and style of our “HID” Interior Sign
                                                               System enables end users to direct, inform, reinforce
                                                               brand identity and image throughout their facility. This
                                                               modular design allows for future growth and provides
                                                               the flexibility to easily change copy and graphics using   HID Flat Profile Wall Mount
                                                               paper inserts.
                                                               We offer a multitude of sign configurations including, but
                                                               not limited to; flat, radius, landscape or portrait styles,
                                                               directories, suspended or projection designs. Standard
                                                               end caps are simulated aluminum, however other
                                                               materials such as wood and marbled acrylic are also
                                                               HID Sign Systems are manufactured with a standard
                                                               anodized aluminum finish, but are available in any color
                                                               of choice to match your interior, brand identity and logo.

          Multiple Mounting and Display Options Available

                 Wall Mount              Projection Mount            Ceiling Mount             Free Standing

               Desktop Display         Quick Change Pocket         Glass Wall Mount            Cubicle Display

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