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HID Standard Divider Strips
               Standard HID Black or Silver divider strips are available for convenient lens separation.

                                                       2mm Sintra       Countersunk Screws
                                                       Back Panel                                                      HID FLAT PROFILE WALL MOUNT
                                    Optional Solid Wood                 *assembled on marble
                                    End Caps (Radius)                   acrylic and solid wood end
                                                                        caps only
                                                                                     ADA Compliant Tactile Copy and       interior interior
                   HID Extruded                                                      Clear Grade 2 Braille
                   Aluminum Frame

                                                                                     Clear, Protective, Non-glare Lens
                 Pre-drilled                                                         sized as required
                 Mounting Holes (4)

                                                             Printed Paper Insert
                               Support Panel
                                               Divider Strip

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