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Interior Architectural Signage

   Sign System         HID Ceiling Mount

   ADA Compliant       Ceiling Suspension Signage
   Availability        The HID System suspended ceiling mount signs provide
                       maximum visibility in large hallways and open foyer areas
   Changeable Paper
   Insert              while adding aesthetic value to all interior surroundings.
                       The HID System suspended ceiling mount signs are also
   Landscape           easily installed with minimal tools and labor. The height of
   Orientation Only    suspended ceiling mount signs can be modified simply
   Extruded Alloy      by adjusting the length of the stainless steel mounting
   Aluminum Frame      cables, making them a perfect fit for all types of building
                       architecture and clearance requirements.
   Maximum End Cap
   Width = 12"         HID paper insert ceiling suspension mount signs provide
                       maximum visual impact throughout corridors, hallways and open   c.
   5 Year Warranty     foyers.

                       a.                                                   d.

   a. Directional
   b. Wayfinding
   c. Identification

   d. Wayfinding
   e. Elevator

                       Ideal Applications: Directional Signage, Room Identification Signage, Regulatory Signage

                       See more signage applications on pages 108 — 125
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