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Interior Architectural Signage

   Sign System          Component Options

   5 Standard End Cap
   Color Options        HID Standard End Caps
                        Standard HID end caps are available in 2 standard colors.
   Additional End Cap
   Colors Available at
   Additional Charge

   Standard Divider
   Strips Available in
   Black or Silver

   Marbled Acrylic and    HID-304 Silver  HID-401 Black
   Solid Wood End                           Black 6 C
   Caps Available

                        HID Marbled Acrylic End Caps and Accents
                        HID marbled acrylic end caps and accents are available in 3 standard finishes.

                          Quarry Melange    Steel Grey     Arctic Melange

                        HID Solid Wood End Caps
                        HID solid wood end caps are available in 5 standard stain finishes.

                             Cherry        Golden Oak        Natural       Red Mahogany     Dark Walnut
   a. Golden Oak
   b. Natural
   c. Cherry

   d. Red Mahogany

                        a.                                     b.

                         c.                                    d.

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