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Interior Architectural Signage
                                                               HID Flat Profile

                                                               Contemporary Flat Design
                                                               Consisting of 75% recycled material alloy aluminum
                                                               extruded frames, non-glare lenses having ADA compliant
                                                               tactile and Grade 2 Braille capabilities along with easily
                                                               changed paper graphic inserts, the HID Interior Sign
                                                               System offers an attractive, comprehensive solution for all  HID FLAT PROFILE WALL MOUNT
                                                               interior identification/wayfinding projects.
                                                               Designed with modularity and expandability in mind, our    interior interior
                                                               interior signs can be customized to fit the current needs of
                                                               your client's facility and also accommodate future growth
                                                               and changes. Our interior systems are user-serviceable,
                                                               allowing copy and graphics to be updated by changing
                                                               paper inserts.



                                                               Ideal Applications:
                                                               Directional Signage
          b.                                                   Directory Listing Signage

                                                               Room Identification Signage
                                                               Regulatory Signage
                                                               See more signage applications on pages 108 — 125

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